SOROCABA / SP - quarta-feira, 20 de outubro de 2021


Cervical disc prosthesis
Translation/rotation control
Optimization of load sharing and contact surfaces
Cervical disc prosthesis
A one step implantation
Preserve the instant Rotation Center



Mobile insert
• favors the respect of the instantaneous rotation centers.
• It insures the self positioning of the superior plate versus the inferior plate.


Controlled mobility
• The mobility is self controlled by the compression of the implant.
• The 2 lateral stops on the inferior plate control and limit the mobility of the mobile insert and makes its migration impossible.


Perfect congruencee
• The contact surface is optimized and perfectly balanced between the flat and spherical surfaces.
• The mobile insert design offer an equivalent contact surface between the superior and inferior plate.


Reduced constraints
• The mobile insert mobility favors the decrease the transmission of the constraints on the bone / implant interface (origin of dislocation), and reduces the constraints on the posterior facet joints.
• Preserves the future of the inferior and superior levels.

Respect of the cervical anatomy
• Minimal thickness of the prosthesis plates.
• A complete range allowing a maximal coverage of the vertebral plate and the respect of the intersomatic height.
• Contact between the prosthesis plates is impossible.


Primary anchorage optimization
• Optimization of the anchorage and of the primary stability with the lateral self retaining teeth
• The inclined shape of the teeth favors the introduction of the implant while insuring a reliable anchorage on the solid parts of the vertebral plato

specific shaping of the vertebra.
• The anterior posterior positioning of the implant is controlled milimetrically, and can be adjusted post-operatively thanks to the stop on the implant holder.

The geometric shape of the implant holder fit itself perfectly with the shape of the implants plates, in order to control precisely the positioning during the implantation.
  • A single implantation step comparable to the technique used for the implantation of cervical intersomatic cages.